FI-STAR – Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research | 2013-2015

FI-STAR – Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research | 2013-2015



FI-STAR will establish early trials in the Health Care domain building on Future Internet (FI) technology leveraging on the outcomes of FI-PPP Phase 1.

It will become self-sufficient after the end of the project and will continue on a sustainable business model by several partners. In order to meet the requirements of a global Health industry FI-STAR will use a fundamentally different, “reverse” cloud approach that is.

It will bring the software to the data, rather than bringing the data to the software. FI-STAR will create a robust framework based of the “software to data” paradigm.

A sustainable value chain following the life cycle of the Generic Enablers (GEs) will enable FI-STAR to grow beyond the lifetime of the project. FI-STAR will build a vertical community in order to create a sustainable ecosystem for all user groups in the global Health care and adjacent markets based on FI-PPP specifications.

FI-STAR will deploy and execute 7 early trials across Europe, serving more than 4 million people. Through the trials FI-STAR will validate the FI-PPP core platform concept by using GEs to build its framework and will introduce ultra-light interactive applications for user functionality.

It will pro-actively engage with the FI-PPP to propose specifications and standards.FI-STAR will use the latest digital media technology for community building and will proactively prepare for Phase 3 through targeted elicitation of new partners using open calls.

Finally, FI-STAR will collaborate with other FI-PPP projects, through the mechanisms in place, by actively interacting with all necessary bodies. FI-STAR is a unique opportunity for implementing Future Internet Private-Public Partnership in the Health Care domain, by offering to the community standardised and certified software including a safe, secure and resilient platform, taking advantage of all Cloud Computing benefits and guaranteeing the protection of sensitive and personal data travelling in Public Clouds.

Project information

BTH staff: Prof Marcus Fiedler (COM, BTH project leader), Prof Tobias Larsson (ING/PDRL), Prof Johan Berglund (HAL), Asc Prof Samuel Fricker (COM), Mats Löfdahl (ING/PDRL), Shahryar Eivazzadeh (ING/PDRL/HAL), Asc Prof Peter Anderberg.

Time span: 2013-2015

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