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The Health Technology Research Lab @ Blekinge Institute of Technology
The Health Technology Research Lab is an environment where research projects are conducted to create knowledge on the interaction between people, health, and technology. The research environment is cross-disciplinary and includes researchers, doctoral students, and collaboration partners from the academic sector, industry and local government. HTRL is also home for the health technology testbed, where companies and public entities have the opportunity to develop and test products and services n a clinical environment at the BTH Research and Education Clinic. The research projects at HTRL span the entire field of how technology can support people of all ages in achieving good health and quality of life.

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Applied health technology at Blekinge Institute of Technology BTH
Applied health technology (AHT) at BTH is an interdisciplinary subject incorporating both studies on how health directly or indirectly relates to the application and results of technology. It has a firm user perspective in where both the inherent qualities of the technology and the user’s perception of the same technology together make up the resulting functionality. Engineering design together with the domain knowledge from the health disciplines make up the intersection where AHT can be found. The strong environment of aging research, product development research and applied ICT at BTH has given the special profile of research areas that connects to and sometimes are incorporated by AHT. Examples of such research areas are aging and technology (gerotechnology), interaction design and health informatics.

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Gerontechnology is an interdisciplinary field of scientific research in which technology is directed towards the aspirations and opportunities for the older persons. Gerontechnology aims at good health, full social participation and independent living up to a high age, be it research, development or design of products and services to increase the quality of life. Gerontechnology is found at the crossroads of advancing technology and advancing age. Good health is of great importance to all older persons and increasingly so with progressing age.

Decision support with Deep Learning & AI in Healthcare

Combining a deep knowledge of the users in the welfare and healthcare systems with the capacity of modern computing creates new strands of research possibilities. BTH and applied health technology is in the research front here using deep learning and AI on the data we have gathered and are gathering to create new tools for health management.

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