SFAI/ANIVA kongress

Charlotte Romare, BTH, tilldelades 2019 års forskningsstipendium från ANIVA för Vårdpersonalens syn på smarta glasögon för övervakning av vitala parametrar i komplexa vårdmiljöer. Avhandlingen presenterades i samband med höstens SFAI/ANIVA kongress.

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Smart Glasses in Complex Care Environments, Initial Studies

Reference Romare, C. (2020). Poster: Smart Glasses in Complex Care Environments, Initial Studies. The Eighteenth International Symposium for Health Information Management Research, Using digital information for better patient health, care and well-being, 193–194. Link

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Smart Glasses in Anesthesia Care: Nurse Anesthetists’ Experiences

Abstract  Purpose: Smart glasses are a kind of wearable technology that gives users sustained, hands-free access to data and can transmit and receive information wirelessly. Earlier studies have suggested that smart glasses have the potential to improve patient safety in anesthesia care. Research regarding health care professionals’ views of the potential use of smart glasses […]

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