Smart Glasses for Caring Situations in Complex Care Environments: Scoping Review

Abstract Background: Anesthesia departments and intensive care units represent two advanced, high-tech, and complex care environments. Health care in those environments involves different types of technology to provide safe, high-quality care. Smart glasses have previously been used in different health care settings and have been suggested to assist health care professionals in numerous areas. However, […]

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Maintaining cognitive function with internet use: a two-country, six-year longitudinal study

Abstract Objectives: Maintaining good cognitive function with aging may be aided by technology such as computers, tablets, and their applications. Little research so far has investigated whether internet use helps to maintain cognitive function over time. Design: Two population-based studies with a longitudinal design from 2001/2003 (T1) to 2007/2010 (T2). Setting: Sweden and the Netherlands. […]

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