TIHA Personaldagar

Under två härliga dagar 16,17 Augusti på Stufvenäs Gästgifveri fick TIHA-personalen ta del av mycket information om kurser i sjuksköterskeprogrammet, specialistsprogrammet, pågående forskning och nyheter. Mat och fysiska aktiviteter uppskattades, och personalen har beskrivit dagarna som bland annat informationsrika, roliga, givande och spännande.

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Applied Machine Learning Techniques to Diagnose Voice-Affecting Conditions and Disorders: Systematic Literature Review

Abstract Background:Normal voice production depends on the synchronized cooperation of multiple physiological systems, which makes the voice sensitive to changes. Any systematic, neurological, and aerodigestive distortion is prone to affect voice production through reduced cognitive, pulmonary, and muscular functionality. This sensitivity inspired using voice as a biomarker to examine disorders that affect the voice. Technological […]

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The DiaVoc project: Diagnosing vocal characteristics to track patients’ health

This project centers on the diagnosis and monitoring of health conditions that impact patients’ vocal characteristics, including Neurocognitive disorders (NCDs) (signifying cognitive decline), pulmonary disorder (COPD), and heart failure conditions (HF). By utilizing longitudinal voice recordings paired with medical data, we aim to create mathematical vocal characteristics, distance metrics, and machine learning methodologies that are […]

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